The Undefeated Gama Pehlwan

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 Happy Birthday Gama Pehlwan

Whenever there is talk of wrestling in India, there is only one name in mind and that name is Gama Pehelwan, Gama is such a wrestler who has never lost in wrestling, He is also known as ‘The Great Gama’ and Rustam-e-Hind. Today is his 144th birthday on 22 May 2022 and Google has made his birthday even more special by making a doodle, Gama Pehalwan’s real name was Ghulam Mohammad Baksh Bhatt.

The Undefeated Gama Pehlwan
Google on Sunday celebrated the birthday of Gama Pehelwan by making a doodle. Gama Pehalwan’s fame spread worldwide, and Bruce Lee was also greatly influenced by his stature. Google celebrated the 144th birthday of Gama Pehalwan on Sunday. A series was about to be made on Gamma Pehalwan, five years ago, Salman Khan’s production house started but due to some reasons, this series has not started to date despite several attempts.
He did not get entry into the London Wrestling Championship due to his short height, his height was 5 feet 7 inches, due to which Gama was very angry and Gama even challenged the wrestlers there to lose within 30 minutes. But no one accepted his challenge.
Gama Pehalwan was born on 22 May 1878 in a village in Amritsar. It is said that Gama started wrestling at the age of 10. Gama Pehelwan initially learned wrestling tricks from the famous ‘Wrestler Madho Singh’ of Punjab. After this, Maharaja Bhawani Singh of Datia in Madhya Pradesh started wrestling. Gave him the facilities to do wrestling. By the year 1947, Gama Pehalwan had illuminated the name of India with his skills in the whole world. However, at the time of the partition of India-Pakistan, Gama Pehalwan went to Lahore with his family.
Gama used to do 5000 sittings and more than 1000 pushups in a day. Old people say that he made his body with stone dumbbells. It is noted that Gama Pehalwan once made a record of walking a distance by lifting a stone of 1200 kg.
Gama Pehalwan won several titles during his career, including the Indian version of the World Heavyweight Championship in 1910 and the World Wrestling Championship in 1927.
He got the title of Tiger after the World Wrestling Championship. The Prince of Wales had presented a silver mace to honor Gama Pehalwan during his visit to India.

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