Ready to give up titles instead of getting Corona Vaccine : Novak Djokovic

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In an exclusive interview, number 1 tennis player Novak Djokovic said that he does not want to join the anti-vaccine movement, but supports the right of every person to like and dislike. Tennis champion Novak Djokovic has told the interview that even though he will be denied the title, he would not like to get the covid vaccine. 

Ready to give up titles instead of getting Corona Vaccine : Novak Djokovic

REPORTER – Have you taken any vaccine to prevent corona?

NOVAK  – no I didn’t


NOVAK – I understand this and fully support the freedom to decide whether to get vaccinated or not. I have never spoken about this before and have not disclosed my medical records and vaccination status, Because I have every right to keep it confidential, But here I am seeing many wrong conclusions and assumptions about it. I wish we need to talk about this, and justify a few things, So I was never against vaccination, I understand that the whole world is trying to fight this virus. 

I hope this virus will end soon, And perhaps the biggest effort that was made in this direction was vaccination. Perhaps half of the world’s people have been vaccinated now.

 I totally respect it, But I have always maintained and supported that you should have the freedom to decide what you consume or not. And for me this freedom is important, in fact, it is the ‘principle of understanding’ what is right and what is wrong for you.

And as a professional athlete, I have thought about what kind of supplements, FOODS, or sports drinks I take any of these things that give me energy, Based on all the information I have received, I have decided not to get the vaccine.


NOVAK – YES, I keep my mind open, as we all together are trying to find the best and possible solution to end COVID. RIGHT I mean no one ever wants to live the way we all have been living for the last two years.

 I play a game that’s too global to be played in a new place every week. So I understand the effect of my decision and one of the consequences of this was not playing in Australia and I was prepared not to GO, And I understand that at the moment I cannot participate in most tournaments due to NOT VACCINATED 

REPORTER – And are you ready to pay FOR THIS?

NOVAK – I’m ready to pay this price.

REPORTER – After all, are you ready to give up your chance to become the greatest player in tennis history? Because you are very STRONG in your decision about the vaccine.

NOVAK – yes absolutely.

REPORTER – But what if it happened that you could not even play the French Open? So will you be ready to pay this price?

NOVAK – yes I’m ready to pay the price.

REPORTER – And if you can’t even play Wimbledon this year, are you ready to pay that price too?



NOVAK –  Because the principle of deciding about my body is more important to me than any title or anything else, I’m trying to be in TUNE with my body as much as possible.

REPORTER – What would you say directly to the people who are campaigning against the vaccine in the world? Who proudly declares that Novak is one of us?

NOVAK – I say that each of us has every right to choose, do or say what we think is good for us, And I never SAID THAT I’m part of that movement, You know what happened in Australia, no one ever asked me about my stand or my opinion about the vaccine.

So I couldn’t tell anyone what I feel and how I stand, Neither during nor outside the legal process, So it’s really unfortunate that all over the world there are misconceptions and wrong conclusions about things that I completely disagree with.


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