Raimohan Parida death news

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The news of the death of famous actor Raimohan Parida has come out, Raimohan, who has worked in more than 100 films

Raimohan Parida death news

Raimohan Parida is the born gem of Odia cinema, who is no longer in this world. Suddenly the news of his death has been received, due to which there is a wave of mourning among his family and fans. According to the report, Raimohan Parida, who has acted in films, theatres, television, and jatra, was found dead on Friday. Initially, it was being told that the cause of death of the actor was suicide but till now no definite claim can be made about whether it is suicide or natural death.

Let us tell you that Raimohan Parida was born on 10 July 1963. He has worked in many films, you will not know that he has acted in more than 100 films, out of which 40 were films of Bengali cinema and the rest were in Odia language. The actor started his career with the Odia film ‘Sagar’. The actor’s popular films include ‘Bandhana’, ‘Chathi Chirdele Tu’, ‘Kalishankar’, ‘To Bina Mo Kahani Adha’, ‘Asibu Kebe Saji Mo Rani’, ‘Tu Thile Mo Dara Kahku’, ‘Neeja Re Megha Mote’, ‘To Dard Nebi Mu Sahe Janam’, ‘De Maa Shakti De’, ‘Rakte Lekhi Na’, ‘Mo Man Khali Tumhari Dard’, ‘Undi Sita’ is included.

Raimohan did not only work in films, but Raimohan Ji has also worked in many TV serials apart from films. Raimohan was one of the top Jatra actors of Odisha and he was a famous villain in the Odia Jatra world. Raimohan JI got tremendous popularity among his fans by becoming a villain. Many of his Jatras are very popular, he is best known for his famous dialogue ‘Hey Anani’. Parida was awarded the Odisha State Film Award. He was also awarded the Abhinandiya Award. Even though he is no longer in the world, his acting will always remain a memory in the hearts of his fans.

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