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China furious over Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan

When US Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrived in Taiwan on Tuesday, China got angry and furious and imposed many sanctions on Taiwan. After that, the Chinese army showed its strength by flying 21 military aircraft over the southwestern part of Taiwan. Pelosi then told the media that her visit was about protecting human rights, opposing unfair trade practices and protecting them.

Nancy Pelosi

On Pelosi’s arrival in Taiwan, China said angrily that the US had violated the ‘One China Policy’.
Let us tell you that the chips used in phones, laptops, watches to cars are made in Taiwan. Taiwan’s One Major Company manufactures more than half of the world’s chips. For this reason, the economy of Taiwan is of great importance to the world. If Taiwan is occupied by China, then Taiwan’s industry will be controlled by China. After this, China’s arbitrariness may increase further.
 China strongly opposed Nancy Pelosi’s visit to Taiwan. China also warned and said that America will have to pay a heavy price for this mistake. America should stop interfering in Taiwan.
To protect Taiwan, the US buys military equipment from it, including Black Hawk helicopters. In 2010, the Obama administration approved the sale of 60 Black Hawks to Taiwan as part of a $6.4 billion arms deal. In response, China temporarily severed some military ties with the US. The conflict between Taiwan with the US has been going on since 1996. China does not want any foreign interference in the Taiwan issue. Its effort is that no country should do anything that would give Taiwan a different identity. This is the reason why Pelosi’s visit has provoked China.

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