india carnival ride accident

The Carnival ride broke from 50 feet above many people were injured including children

At a fair in Uttar Pradesh, India, a 50-feet high ride broke due to malfunction and fell directly to the ground, and five children were also injured.

This news is from Mohali city where the Dussehra fair was organized on a big ground and the video of this accident happened at around 9:15 pm on Sunday night and went viral.

disclaimer -weak hearted don’t watch this video the visuals of the video may distract you

credit – zee Hindustan 

In the video, you can see how that ride takes the people 50 feet up and breaks in the middle. And slams people to the ground in the blink of an eye, causing many to fly away from their seats. When the ride fell to the ground after breaking, the screams of the people present there came out. You can hear the people shouting in this video, some family members were also taking out the video by making their family members sit on the ride, they would never have thought that such an accident would happen.

According to media reports, the Good Samaritans took the injured riders to the hospital in a police van as there was no ambulance arrangement. According to reports, at least 16 people were injured and were taken to a civil hospital in Mohali.

An eyewitness told a Hindustan Times reporter that the bouncers of the fair threatened those who tried to help and the organizers of the fair ran away.”

The closing date of the fair was till 31 August, but it was extended to 11 September.

The reason for what was wrong with the ride is not clear. Police say they have started an investigation they will “investigate and strictest action will be taken against the culprits.”

The city of Mohali is located in the state of Punjab, about 160 miles north of New Delhi.


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