England 2-1 Denmark Semifinals Highlights UEFA Euro 2020 8th July, 2021

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England 2-1 Denmark  Semifinals  Highlights  UEFA Euro 2020  8th July, 2021

of 51. this is Wembley the sun is


and it is wow

the second semi-final of you wait for

euro 2020

England versus Denmark for the right to

meet Italy on Sunday’s final

sterling Raheem sterling

without the real bite that’s where he wanted

to be isolated

damn scored oh it’s a diamond

they’re getting it up and down and

that’s exactly what damsgard does

he’s got the accuracy he’s got the power

you know it’s past Jordan victor before

he can really

get anywhere near it Calvin Phillips is

lying on the floor but the Danes aren’t

going to go underneath the wall

they’re going to go over it and damsgard

has picked out an absolute beauty

Kane he’s found stack up but kyle’s not

going to steal him

it’s harry kane the creator the danish

defenders are all for watching

i didn’t mention after about 10 minutes

the ability of bakayosaka to run-in

behind the danish defense

that’s what he does here kane sees that

it’s a horrible position really for

Simon Pierre to be in

you know facing his own goal under

pressure Maureen sterling

such an intelligent cross though from

sacker he takes caspase Michael out of

the game

fed in here from mela rolled forward for

casper dolberg

it’s a decent low save from jordan


walker it’s a smashing ball for harry


harry kane schmeichel threw out a big


raheem sterling that’s brilliant he’s

over penalty

uh just mentioned that range sterling

was coming more and more into the game

as an opportunity for mailer to clear

he doesn’t take it is there an obvious

foul in there is he caught

harry Kane and kate again

but Schmeichel is so unlucky and he’ll

be so disappointed he’s not that

not not the ball out wide he comes back

centrally and it’s so easy for Kane to

take it home and what an opportunity now

for England to

to get to the European championship


it’s England England

at last English history

England into a European championship


for the very first time

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