Czech Republic vs England

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 hi there everyone

england football

England and the Czech republic set out

on their respective

euro journeys 27 months ago with a

qualification fixture here at Wembley

which England won 5-0

and sterling goes in as he lobbed it

onto the post not into the net

Kane has had the criticism was involved

in that attack

and Raheem sterling nearly giving

England a splendid start here

England could be in here sterling they

are in here

sterling at Wembley again

Kang keeps it alive and greelish in the

the box he’s always a menace he gets a

little deflection and

takes the ball over sucker

right onto sterling’s phone who wasn’t

gonna miss this one

it’s harry kane it’s harry Kane it’s a

very good stop

by vaslick and it’s not as if the arm

went towards the ball the hand was just

in that position

and Pickford forced into a fine save by

hollish from uh a long way out but it

needed stopping

they did yeah Pickford’s in good form i

think he’s been


sure does ever so well with the initial


and yanto doesn’t quite connect

drive one from the left-back now yeah

one of those i don’t think it’s a

target that maybe just hit the post so

that’s what it couldn’t afford to

take any chances with that

and it’s broken

to Henderson but it’s two-nil England

but it’s not two-nil England that’s a

successful var for England let’s have a


yeah i wondered what on earth was going

on here when they’ve all came back

who did it come off last though i mean

that’s a tricky one isn’t it

was it uh Bellingham

no, i don’t think it was was it

i think this could be a goal for Jordan

Henderson and it would be his first

ever for England in his 60th


I don’t know you know it could have come

off Bellingham’s joe last night

oh yeah it’s no goal England have won

and they top the group one-nil sterling

the adventures for both coaches will go


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