Buy iPhone 13 Now or wait for iPhone 14

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A lot of people are confused at this time, Buy iPhone 13 or wait for iPhone 14, Because iPhone 14 is going to be a big change, In iPhone 14 you will get to see a new design, There are a lot of improvements.

Talking about the price of  iPhone 13, you can buy 60 to 65000rs in India, we clear this thing completely.

 what you will get to see in iPhone 14

Buy iPhone 13 Now or wait for iPhone 14

1) The first thing is that the notch is going to be removed. Which is a big change.

iPhone is very famous for its notch display, Since the news has come that there will be no notch in the phone 14, then people are more excited to purchase the phone 14.

Because of the notch, there is no such difference in the iPhone 11 12 13

Only sierra blue color shows that the phone is iPhone 13

2)in iPhone 14 u will get a 4NM chipset 

3)You are going to see a new design in the camera too.

4)You will get to see a new size,   instead of iPhone 14mini you will get to see 14 Max, whose screen size will be 6.7 inches.

An iPhone store is also coming up in India.

According to me, it will be worth waiting for iPhone 14, if your budget is from 80 to 90thusand.
People who do not have enough budget who can spend on phone 14. Or if your phone is in bad condition then you can go for iPhone 13.
And if you have to buy iPhone 13, then you can wait till May-June, You can get a discount on the iPhone 13 sale.
Some people buy iPhone for status and for some people performance, battery, the camera is also important.

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