Britney, who has been in father’s captivity for 13 years

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Britney, who has been in her father’s captivity for 13 years, said – I want to be a mother, but he does not ‘allow

Britney, who has been in father's captivity for 13 years, britney spears, What is Conservatorship?
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Britney Spears. Famous pop singer. But Britney does not have the right to take any decision of her life by herself. She has earned a lot of money and a name. But he has neither control over his money nor his personal life. For 13 years, his life is under his father’s control. Why? Because his father had proved that he is not mentally fit. And under the Conservatorship Act, he took full rights to Brittany’s life in his hands.
Britney fans have been running a campaign called ‘Free Britney’ for a long time. A case is going on in the court regarding the removal of Conservatorship from Britney. In this matter, Britney spoke through a video. This 23-minute video of him was shown in the courtroom. They said,
“I was in denial earlier. was in shock. I want my life back. If I can work, I shouldn’t be put in a conservatorship. The law needs to be changed. I believe that this Conservatorship is troubling. I don’t think I can live my life well in it.”

Britney also told in the video that she wants to have a child. But his conservator is not even allowing him to do so.
Britney’s first song came in January 1999. The words were – Baby, one more time. As soon as the song came, it was gone. And Britney became an overnight star. Then she was 16 years old. After that, she became a pop icon. With the rise of fame, the media, paparazzi surrounded Britney. Asking them random questions. Misbehaving. If Britney was annoyed, bad things would be written about her. Then all the talk on their relationships and breakups. Her two boyfriends blamed Britney for the breakup. Made his image that he is moody, not trustworthy.

Then Britney had a marriage that lasted only 55 hours. Britney married for the second time in 2004 at the age of 22. They had two sons – Jaden and Sean. Britney got divorced in 2007.

Brittany did not get custody of the children. And after that, she started getting disturbed. He was accused of taking drugs. His witch-hunting was happening. She was being described as a bad woman, a bad mother. She was in depression. In January 2008, their children moved in with their father. And in February 2008, Britney’s father Jamie Spears petitioned the court. Seeking Brittany’s ‘temporary conservatorship’. The court-appointed Jamie as Britney’s conservator. Since then, Britney’s everything is under her father’s control.

In April 2021, Brittany appealed to the court to remove the Conservatorship. At present, the hearing of the same is going on.

What is Conservatorship?

This is a legal system. Adults who have a good mental state. It seems that he is not mentally fit. Not capable of deciding what is right or wrong. Not in a mental state to manage his assets. The court appoints a guardian to look after such people. This arrangement is called Conservatorship.

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