brazil vs ecuador full match highlights commentary

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razil vs ecuador full match highlights commentary
image credit – 90min

ahead of this final match date brazil

as I said we’ll keep you updated with

what goes on in Brasilia

won this tournament two years ago

the round of world cup qualifiers that

were squeezed in before the copper

America they lost two-nil

in and we’ll have


this evening and will come directly up

against the housing cap his place

in the starting eleven but still a very

very strong brazil eleven evening

Roberto Tobar from chile

it’s taking charge of two Copa

Libertadores finals the first

and we are underway brazil

and Everton looking for the ball in

behind he’s found an enlarging he goes

down in the box

told to get to his feet by Roberto

torbat and Ecuador clear

immediately it’s brazil though

the two wins they’ve chalked up

in this competition on home saw Everton

was very much one of the key men for

Brazil as they won

the title earning himself that move to


buoyed by that Colombia

shot comes in from Pakistan bounces

awkwardly there for Galindez

and it’s a nice little flip

cross comes in number 21 alan franco is

indeed now

playing down the line

that’s a good ball across the face Lucas

pakita with a clever little flick bob

also gets their first

there was no flag he said

increasing the tempo clips the ball

forward it’s going to have too much on


finds a stupid yan first real occasion

that’s Jupiter can get down the left

finds a good

down the right and he finds a cross goes

to the back post headed back across goal

and it’s a delicate little cross to


into the box the shot on the edge and

just wide

the press back into Everton Everton to

the byline

tries to beat his muscled into that back


offside flag comes up on this occasion

beat the flag once before only to see

his efforts

on players that we’ve seen coming

through in recent years in Ecuador

America Ecuador will be going through in

fourth place

and we’ll play the winners of the group a

which at the moment looks as though

it’ll be Argentina

in the quarter fighter military both up


swung it’s a header up and it’s a

goal Edwin

gives brazil the lead

the simplicity of the goal

will frustrate Ecuador who have


defended admirably but it’s just a

simple ball in

and a wonderful header from ed Emily Dao

who climbs above three

towering header anand Galindez can do


aim between Venezuela and Peru they’re

still nil-nil

and with the point Roberto famino

Emerson still going down the right and

it’s a good covering challenge from


it’s outweighed impression and wins the

ball back

it’s a low cross

into the box in towards the back post

and the valencia it was darting in there

and there are three players down just from

the other side

and valencia trying to get on the end of

it unable to do so and eventually

Emerson heads it out for a throw at the

second time of asking the second one

though absolutely clatters

into Diego places harbour

low cross results elsewhere Ecuador are


out of this years

we’re back underway in goania

so certainly not a side used to


crosses from the right and Allison can

come to claim that one

interesting to see Alison

it’s been an early goal in Brazilian

makes his way across a nice little ball

falling 20 valencia gets the shot away

into the side netting

a long throw into the box headed away from the

edge of the box pressing volleys takes a


and Allison Palacios is under the

initial one

it’s loose in the box it could drop here

and Ecuador a level

angel mena equalizes for ecuador

and it’s game on here in goania

ankle mena who replaced Moises kaiser

through injury

in the first half latches on to that

a loose ball in the penalty area

to rifle a shot reminder there of the

lineups then if you’re just joining us

for brazil and Ecuador

very stupid up and ended therefrom

Emerson work his way to the bye line

still has possession up against two and

probably settle now for a corner

instead gives away and he does have a

corner and a temple

is a very good strong covering challenge

from ed Emily Dao

Diego Palacios has stayed down

Everton a bit of space here to the back

the post could be a chance it’s a golden

opportunity off the bench for Venetia’s


who’s Vinicius just gets the ball


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