Afghanistan: Rocket attack on Kandahar airport, all flights canceled

     Kandahar Airport was attacked with at least three rockets

Rocket attack on Kandahar airport in Afghanistan. According to the news agency AFP, at least three rockets were attacked at Kandahar Airport in southern Afghanistan. The attack comes at a time when the Taliban is intensifying its offensive across the country.

“Three rockets were fired at the airport last night and two of them hit the runway,” airport chief Masood Pashtun told AFP.

Afghanistan:Rocket attack on Kandahar airport, all flights canceled
image credit – pixabay 

All flights from Kandahar airport have been canceled due to the rocket attack. The Pashtun said that the work on repairing the runway has been started and the airport will be restarted by late Sunday.

An official of the Civil Aviation Authority in Kabul confirmed the rocket attack.
The Taliban have been attacking the outskirts of Kandahar for several weeks. Kandahar has generally been a stronghold of the Taliban. However, the Ashraf Ghani government has controlled the cities for a long time. The Taliban are trying to signal with attacks that they are about to capture the provincial capital.
Kandahar airport is important for providing logistics and air support to the security forces. Kandahar is the second-largest city in Afghanistan
The attack on Kandahar airport comes at a time when the Taliban are close to capturing two more provincial capitals. These are the two capitals – Herat in the west and Lashkar Gah in the south.

The Taliban’s military operation has intensified amid the withdrawal of US forces. Difficulties are increasing for the Ashraf Ghani government because many areas have been captured by the Taliban.
US intelligence believes that the Ghani government may fall within a few months of the military withdrawal. In June, an intelligence report said that the Afghan government could fall within six months of the withdrawal of US forces.